About Me


My name is Norbert Varga and I have been a successful real estate agent in the Greater Cincinnati market since 2000.  Throughout the years I developed a reputation for professional photography, attention to detail, tireless advocacy of my clients’ interests, and comprehensive market and home assessments. As a result in the last 10 years 65% of my business came from past clients returning to buy and sell, or past clients referring me to their friends and family for which I am forever grateful.

To this day I still attend as many home inspections as the schedule allows and through this learning process I am able to point things out to my clients while we are still in the home searching stage saving them precious time and money.  My observations during showings aren’t there to replace the inspections rather to educate the buyers and help them better understand the house they are visiting, and yes, I always have my flashlight with me while looking at homes.

Since homes are the most expensive assets many of us will ever own, I take great pride in making sure that my listings are presented in the best possible light and that they make a memorable first impression.  I am able to do this by incorporating photography skills into my real estate business.  I use numerous flash units to illuminate the scenes I photograph which takes time and patience, but I believe the results are well worth it.  Considering that these photographs will be the basis for all the internet advertising, brochures, fliers, mailers and so on, they simply have to be amazing.

I hope you enjoy all the photographs you see on this site as I personally created all of them.

Norbert Varga